Saturday, July 31, 2010

Barbara Segal Chats It Up

Barbara Segal And Associates journey to now, is based on the fact that Barbara is an Aquarian.  Zodiac Facts are that Aquarians are always ten miles ahead of everyone else in their thinking. In 2010, everyone including Chris, Mat, Tom, Dick, and Sally is a Social Media Expert and a Blogger. Quite frankly, the whole change has turned Barbara Segal off.  That's right, off.  Twitter is filled with Social Media Speakers, Coaches, Consultants, and Experts which is clearly a kind of smart way to say, I am out of a job.

When Barbara traveled to Chicago to work with her former Design Client, on a new Multi Million Dollar High Rise Apartment. The project set the passion, in motion of Interior Design, Barbara's Showroom knowledge, Vendor Relations, and the reputation Barbara has.  While attending NeoCon, Barbara found it to be what future Trade Shows will be. A fun interactive Social Media Show, experience. The registration of the Show, allowed you to sign in with Twitter and tweet a list of Manufacturers and their products in your show planner. There was an incredible Manufacturer tweet up  at Kohler. And vloggs were also cutting edge for Manufacturers on the NeoCon page.

Between the Inspiration of NeoCon and meeting with so many Manufacturer, Vendor and Client relations. Barbara had an Epiphany when on her regular favorite Twitter Chat: #BlogChat and than again when she was on #BrandChat. In June, Barbara Segal started #IntDesignerChat a weekly chat about Interior Design. Open to any one in the Interior Design, Interior Architect and Furniture Industry. As usual Barbara had nay Sayers against her. However it was an AH HA moment for Barbara and she persevered on. As the successful owner of Barbara Segal & Associates and Noir Blanc Interiors, she has learned to follow her heart.  The Chat has grown and received Press in Furniture Today. Life is good.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Madness

As a past Board Member of International Housewares Representative  Association Board (IHRA). Barbara Segal always attends The Housewares Show in Chicago. It was great meeting up with Manufacturer friends, watching celebrity Chef aka Paula Deen, Mario Batali, and Todd English. Social Media and Twitter were very much alive at the Housewares show, and they had a blogger room with Manufacturer Press Releases, Snacks and was equal to any Press Rooms. BSA twittered under three accounts the whole show, and Blogges were treated with respect  and interest from most large Manufactures. The Housewares Show was alive with tweetpics which honestly sent you and others to some of the amazing connection of Twitter.
Barbara then flew to NYC to attended The Architectural Digest Design Show . I attended as To The Trade.  As a supporter of DiFFA for years I also attended the  Diffa NYC Designing By DesignThanks to Twitter I won two tickets see post.  She invited a non trade friend to attend with the show with the winning tickets. Again Twitter was alive and they had a Blogger/Twitter Connect Booth Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The women in these booths I had not met personally before but they felt like old friends, because we tweet.   

March has been a great busy month of Travel, meeting up with established Manufacturer relationships and meeting new potential clients. My long standing relationships were met face to face, at cocktails at Natuzzi Soho I saw an old business friend from years ago, and business dinners.  Barbara Segal is on Twitter daily, and has found it to be the most amazing powerful form of connected, branding, and making business happen.  On twitter BSA has made new business contacts, including Publishers, Editors, CEO, and Presidents.  Twitter helps you build a network then when you due meet,  the relationship is more relaxed and friendly. If you would like to know how Barbara Segal and Associates works follow @Babssegal.  Barbara Segal & Associates is a writer for several blogs, handles Social Media for several clients through the country.  Twitter is 100% branding, communicating, and responding to conversation. If you want to know about a brand look at their follows and followings and follow and review their Tweets, it is an open door and says alot about the quality of the person in the position.  Quality not quantity is most important on Twitter.

@Babssegal often twitter dismay at Companies who still do not get Twitter and Social Media. Barbara Segal's Facebook is filled with editors and close business connections/friends. Linkedin is not for my clients, but I am on there loud and clear.   

  • Barbara Segal has been putting true efforts into helping the Nation Trust For Historical Preservation Save America's Treasures. Non-Profit Cause

  • Babs believe Social Media serves well for a Non Profit cause.  BSA know how it can make things happen as I was personally thanked by the winner of the The Pepsi Refresh Challenge at SxSW this month as well. 

Thank you for your kind words. So happy you won PepsiRefresh #SxSW Challenge!!!! RT @hardlynormal: @BabsSegal thanks so much.

MY favorite saying is: Only you can make it happen.  March has been a great crazy mad month.   The BIG question?  Do I like foursquare?  No! I feel it is unsafe for many Mothers and ridiculous when you see everyone small town locations.  Who cares?  Next....