Monday, December 15, 2008

Why This Recession Is Not Going To Send Us Into Depression?


Early in December I was asked by a friend, if his son could interview me for a class report, on the economy. The friend who is a "Director"was quoted in the Financial Times this year in an article "That he is glad he saved his shekels." Myself a Blonde Heiress who is known to spend on Chanel, Prada, Gucci, and Travel answered"sure" I would be glad to do the interview for the kid.

Several weeks later on December 14, 2008 at 1:00pm I sat down for an interview with the 7th grader, DK let's call him, as he interviewed me. Upon my arrival it started out that the father was upset the Son was not going to write it down take notes like we did and have been trained to take notes. Being an Internet Marketing and Media leader since 1995 I watched the generation battle it out.
The 7th grader whining back, but DAD this is what we due "we do it on the computer." At 1:15pm privacy was given and the 12 year old who started asking the Questions while typing at his computer as only a 7th grader knows as his generation was weaned on Leapfrog. His questions were:

Has the economy effected you?

How has it changed your life?

Do you think we are in a Recession?

Do you think we will go into a Depression?

How long do you think it will last?

How can we change it? I ask we..he said the people....

Who do you think is the blame for our economy?
That one was easy, Bush I said.
But then I started to think, who's fault was it really?

How can we (the people help) went through my head all night? As a Internet Media and Marketing Consultant I feel blessed to be in the creative fueling forces of the Internet. The impact it has in my life makes me feel secure, informed and connected to the positive changes the Universe brings us.

Viral Marketing -makes me feel closer to my friends, family and business colleges. this year I joined Facebook, Linkedin and Myspace became boring but there. I was blessed to see new babies pictures within hours, girlfriends hot on the town, family, events, travels and thanks to Facebook. I became friends again with far away business contacts, cousins, nephews, my girl friends brother and mothers, my clients niece, people I just met and my ex husband 20 years later. You can say, Ignore (meaning-no go away) and hey you, the wall means "to the world" "graffetti on the 405."

Net-Ettique - In 2008 it became apparent that their was a reason for Net etiquette. This year brought..jokes, mistakes, and lessons of did the world need to know you party like "a slang word" or every move you made on twitter.
The instant access of the Internet makes my consulting business a necessary evil for many. Netiquette matters in business!

Blogging - Became more main stream and tool a significant financial platform on the iphone and Backberry. So we caught celebrities with client products, made People magazine to name a few, did Hollywood Premiere's, jumped on wordpress. Then viral marketed, social networking and Blackberry and iphoned it with the amazing speed of the new worlds fast reply and results.

Photography- Pictures tell a million stories. In 2008, Barbara Segal and Associates had the pleasure of meeting, working with and being phographed by the famous Patrick McMullan. Pictures, videos, podcasts all move through the Internet. This year moving photos faster (within 24 hours) to Editors, Publishers, on Blogs and via Facebook, iphone, and Blackberry.

Video - You Tube In 2008 uploaded Videos became common, necessity, business as usual. It became a Marketing Tool, an Educational, a main stream form of entertainment. President Elected Obama contributed his winning to his Internet Videos, Facebook, the Power of Oprah and started with Videos keeping the Public informed.

What will I do during this economy? I for one will "Hang Tough" as my Uncle Richard Winters who commanded Company E during World War II always writes. Can I make a living as an Internet Media and Marketing Consultant, with out a Detroit Automobile or living outside of Illinois?

How has the economy Affected You?

At this Holiday time of year, be thankful for your friends, for your family, for your health, and your job as I read in yesterdays "New York Times."

This Holiday we can all Skype, iphone, blackberry, text, and e-mail from afar and teach the children we recognize there is a recession.

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