Monday, March 16, 2009

Are You At The Social Media Table?

If you are not at the social media table, you may be losing out. Research shows that 71% of American adults using the Internet also use social media. This means blogs, friend sites, review sites, forums, video sites and more. To grow in business today, you need to connect and interact with your prospects.

Today's Web 2.0 world focuses on connecting and sharing information, resources such as social networking sites, blogs, podcasts, and video blogs are now where your prospects and customers spend more of their discretionary time. Now more then ever, that time is resulting in decisions, deals, and choices about what brand they will select.
Is your business at this social media table?

At Barbara Segal and Associates, we get this done by driving your message via viral networks. We know the right social media campaign will build new, stronger, more meaningful and trusting connections with your prospects. This means having "like-minded" communities become your referrals sources through reviews, comments, and authentic validation resulting in online awareness that is measurable, with greater, more relevant traffic and new sales.

Today more than ever, people are talking. They want to be sure. They want to hear it from someone they trust or are like them. Consumers today make decisions this way. Today, newspapers are no longer relevant. Things that were relevant yesterday for new business just don't produce the same results today.

Why did Rupert Murdoch buy
MySpace? Why did Google Buy YouTube? Why did Microsoft invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Facebook? Because they wanted to remain relevant where consumers spend their discretionary time.

At Barbara Segal and Associates your social media optimization campaign is at the top, consumers become both your direct and indirect fans. They spread the word both online, through email and offline. For example, when a friend asks someone if they know of a good provider of a specific service, many times today people will respond with someone they see or something they have read or will quickly read on a review site. In today's market place your Company must be relevant. If you claim you are the

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