Monday, June 8, 2009

Cool Cats Are Twittering Their Way Into Relationships

Since 2007, Twitter’s has been Barbara Segal and Associates #1 tool in meeting and connecting clients with people online. At Barbara Segal and Associates we also build and nurture online relationships with the individuals and business's who influence us offline. With the help of Facebook, Linkedin, and Myspace we are more informed of networking events. Immediate, impulsive, and time saving twitter works into today business environment. Lower airfares are helping us to fly into cities impulsively to network, meet and attend business meeting. Keeping close personal relationships the old fashion way in the new economy is more important. We believe in "reaching out and touching someone" with old fashion telephone conversations, and all things digital. Our brains are influenced by others daily by shared knowledge, links and answers to our question through social networking. We are influence by links, notes, invites, groups and wall post on Facebook. Barbara Segal, was creatively inspired when reading, 40 Reasons Why Twitter Rawks and she shared it with all her friends and followers. Viral marketing is today's society trend and socially "networking" in person and digitally is the new school of business. One needs to be linkeded to today's virtual future as it is here to stay. And at the end of the day, human connection is more important that ever in today.

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