Monday, January 7, 2008

Why Your Company Should Be In The Social Media Culture

In 2008 media has become more social and social media has become culture. People are looking to fulfill essential social needs online. Organizations that understand this and build the right kind of social networking opportunity are more likely to create deeper emotional bonds than usually exist between companies and customers.
  • Online social networks provide people with the vital tool for defining and redefining themselves, as proof in profile pages on MySpace and Facebook.

  • The Internet has enable mutual assistance between strangers.

  • People who share similar tastes, sensibilities, orientations or interests are able to find, create and connect with others through online communities

  • The need for recognition and achievement are essential to our sense of worth and are fulfilled in online communities, blogs, and social networks that provide a way to develop and manage a virtual reputation.

Why are social networks all the rage? Why do people network with certain people online? Some of this you know some of this may have you scratching your head. What we do know at Barbara Segal Associates is that media has become more social and social media has become culture.

When companies actively embrace and act on people’s ideas and dreams they fulfill a social need. People want to be reassured of their worth and value, and search for confirmation that what they say and do matters to others and has an impact on the world around them. This requires companies to have a level of intimacy and facilitation that are the by invitation and smaller only, with online communities.

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