Monday, March 31, 2008

Is Your Company Getting it is a New Era in Marketing?

Barbara Segal and Associates have been in Affiliate Marketing since 2005.

Why Your Business Should Affiliate

Affiliate is a referral program. It is a way of promoting businesses on the Web in which an affiliate is rewarded for every subscriber, visitor or customer they provide through their efforts. Affiliates increase the exposure of your business. Affiliation brings more links and Web pages to your business which can also increase your search engine rankings.

The affiliate funnels leads through their site but your site maintains your core branding. Affiliate marketing is similar to a volunteer sales force. The advantages of affiliate marketing is you get a lot of creative people promoting your business. The draw of affiliate marketing is that it is on a “pay per performance” basis. So you only pay after you get paid.

There’s no risk, you only pay for what you actually sell.

Successful affiliates are expert marketers, and in many cases they can sell your products better than you can,
they’re more motivated than most employees. Not only do they work off smaller margins, but also, each sale counts. Affiliate marketing is growing more popular. Affiliate marketing is predicted to account for about $6 billion or 40 percent of online advertising expenditures in 2008 (up $1.5 billion from last year).

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