Monday, August 11, 2008

What Is Your Blog Post Saying About Your Business?

With several years of Blogging for business clients under our belt at Barbara Segal and Associates we find it quite common to consult and motivate business owners on Blogging POSTS. A good mix of styles of posts can work well on a blog. Two styles of post we often warn and encourage business owners of are:

A Rant – in which a company or business get passionate, stirred up, and say what’s on their mind and tell it like it is. Rants are great for starting discussion and causing a little controversy and they can also be quite fun if you do it in the right spirit. However something we always remind our clients of is never get personal as in the heat of the moment we say things that we later regret and that can impact our reputation the most. Blogs posts stay forever! They can also be the beginnings of a flaming comment thread.

On the flip side to the angry rant (and not all rants have to be angry) a company can post an Inspirational and motivational post. People like to hear good news in their niche as it motivates others. Tell a story of success or paint a picture of what could be. Focus on area your business is looking for success in. Write about your own experience or that of others and spread the word.

Photos are a key part of attracting readers and a video is the piece de résistance in the blogging world today. Posts that mean something to a business, that are written with passion and that bring out some kind of emotional response in your readers will make the most impact upon people.

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