Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why Switch Your Clients To A New Blog Platform?

Barbara Segal & Associates has been professionally consulting companies in blogging and web sites for years. We suggest to many clients that they start blogging to expand their website. Today many businesses can just start with a blog. After all most blogs are free and this is a huge financial savings for a business today. A business websites need a strong online presence, with both static content and dynamic news, and a blog is the perfect solution. A blog builds traffic and establishes authority. The website helps convert that interest into business.

Recently we ventured into using wordpress with our client Jamah. President, Barbara Segal had been reading about wordpress on ProBlogger and after careful research and the firms desire to “switch clients to a platform offering more programming options Ms. Segal told the client that she felt it was the right fit for them. CMS and more programming options are crucial today in the online world.

Barbara Segal and Associates is now working with WordPress, and recommending it to clients. Martha Stewart also just recently upgraded from a TypePad blog to WordPress. Working with Wordpress we have learned they have everything you need to build a fabulous blog or website which is why they seem to be the most popular content management system being used today. One of the things we like best about WordPress is it takes care of most SEO concerns you may have by rendering valid HTML and using a correct chain of command of headings.

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