Monday, November 10, 2008

Will Barack Obama starts doing a weekly YouTube video?

At last a Government that will be lead by a President who understands the advantages of technology. is the Official Web Site of the The U.S. Presidential Transition. The 21st century allows people to filter up questions and with Government.change you can ask question to our newly elected Government and even ask a question that Barack Obama himself might answer. The president-elect Obama already has said he will have a five-day online comment period before signing any non-emergency legislation, so Americans can be part of the process.

Obama's integration of the Internet during his presidential campaign came as Americans increasingly turned to online sources to get election news. As a candidate Barack Obama had four times as many friends as his Republican rival, Sen. John McCain, on Obama had almost 3 million supporters on Facebook and put together a massive database of e-mail addresses -- some 10 million.

Techno savy Obama announced Sen. Joe Biden as his choice for vice president in a text message to supporters. He's also planning to employ a chief technology officer and has pledged to get true broadband to every community in the country.
At Barbara Segal & Associates, we are happy to learn of these employment opportunities in our new Government and are encouraged that jobs will be created by this new technology.

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