Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How Could One Ever Become Board?

Barbara Segal, Liz Goldwynn, and Dita Von Teese
Photo Credit Patrick McMullan West Coast

Heading back to the West Coast from Chicago was a calling for former Madison Avenue Advertising Director, Barbara Segal who has over twenty years history in Los Angeles. Chicago is my kind of town, New York is where I'd rather be, Washington was boring with the Republicans running town , however Los Angeles is Hollywood, Fashion, Entertainment and Glamour. Above and beyond working as a Blogger For Hire, Internet Marketing and Media Consultant, Barbara Segal serves on the Board for LACMA Costume Council where she does Media and Marketing. Barbara Segal & Associates mission is to give back. Using her creative juices, getting press coverage, meeting deadlines and philanthropy all comes with the making of a passionate PR maven.

With Facebook comes a new social way of networking and marketing. Making new business contacts, new friends and finding old friends thru events such as this one is always part of the fun of Public Relations.
The Costume Council at LACMA, "From Burlesque to Couture" was the Ultimate Show and Tell on Monday, November 17, 2008 and was hosted by Liz Goldwyn with special guest Dita Von Teese who introducing burlesque dancer Ava Garter. The evening was sold out it went up on Patrick McMullans International media wire. Now one has deadlines, however with the Fame Game, Facebook, Linkedin it all seems a bit more revealing.

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