Thursday, November 26, 2009

Has Your Business Caught On To The Social Media Revolution?

Barbara Segal and Associates believes that Social Media should be a component of what your business does everyday. If you’re a corporation, small business, or a non-profit that’s not using social media, than you’re doing yourself a disservice. You should be utilizing Social Media as a venue just as you would a press release to reach out to the community and their customer base. This video shows small businesses that have grown by using Tweeter, Facebook, Myspace and other social media as part of your business plan.

Is this a full time job within a business? Absolutely, social media is here to stay!
Twitter and Facebook, even e-mail allow you to send people tweets or updates, it takes a professional Public Relations and Marketing person to know the fine balance of not over doing it. Barbara Segal emphasizes, "Hiring an Intern for Social Media is a dangerous position for a company to put itself in." This inexperienced Social Media person may send your business into harassment mode with followers/customers. Finding a balance of how much to tweet, and how quickly to contact your customers is a important part of any marketing strategy. Social media is here to stay, it can produce good results as well as bad results quickly. With review sites like Yelp, word of mouth Twitter, and Facebook, one customer service mistake can quickly viral across the Internet.

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