Saturday, December 19, 2009

What A Year 2009

2009 has been a year of utilizing Wordpress, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Delicious, Linkedin, and social platforms to generate and share content. Facebook alone has more then 350 Million Members and almost $1 billion  in annual sales. Setting up Facebook Fan pages became a cruicial part of branding and social media in 2009. Linkedin became one of the most popular social media web sites of 2009 with the down economy. Many professionals found networking with business relationships and groups online easy, efficient, and friendly thanks to Linkedin. Reconnecting with trusted business relationships became a great asset in 2009. At Barbara Segal and Associates we found 2009 to be a year of:

    •  We fully immersing ourselves in the Net Etiquette culture, by starting a blog, twittering, and building relationships with key Etiquette players and bloggers to Be Polite on the Internet.
    •      We grew new followings thru blogging, utilizing facebook, and twittering about recipes kids love. Our twitter communities were grown organically. Utilizing SEO, no apps that spam others twitter accounts, and deleting twitter accounts without profiles and or suspicous global locations.    
    •     We acknowledged part of Public Relations is based on personal relationships as well as social.  Barbara Segal traveled to Washington DC, Chicago, New York, and Newport, RI in 2009. Recognizing being LA based, has great advantages in the PR area, Branding, and Social Media world with the Golden Globes, Emmy's, Oscars, and celebrity accessibility.
    •     Barbara felt grateful in the recession of 2009 to have a part time job with a large Retailer which provided a health insurance plan (the hot topic of the Obama administration) for a self employed full time professional. I benefited in other ways as well by understanding first hand todays consumer, fashion, style, design, and customer service. Stay tune in 2010 Barbara Segal is writing a book ...."Hello Big Box Retailers". 
    •     Enjoyed sharing the joy with clients when they received radio coverage, TV news coverage, magazine/print editorial or press, and top web-site mentions.  And of course the celebrity pictures they  posted on Facebook in 2009.

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