Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ME Branding Is The 21st-Century Concept Of Personal Branding

How are you perceived? In the uncertain times of the 21st Century the Internet makes it possible for everyone to establish a brand. Doctors, Lawyers, Authors, Publishers, Artist, Producers, Directors, Manufactures, Power Moms, Carpenters, Accountants, Realtors, Interior Designers, Architects, Health Care Consultants, Chefs, and the list goes on. Your brand should be strong and memorable to set you apart and to make a positive impression on people you know. If your on Face book your branding yourself. If your on Twitter your branding yourself.

This week Forbes announced the 14 Power Women To Follow On Twitter. "These "twilebrities" are constructing digital empires by building brands from the ground up. They are not only experts, but also extraordinarily engaging, hard working, interactive and responsive to their communities." states Samantha Ettus who is a personal branding expert. These women found their niche and capitalizing on it through their work, their writings, their personalities, and Twitter followings.  Twitter is now the considered the "plumbing" of Branding and Social Media. Your foundation is laid but the pipes to carry you forward into the 21st century are "exposed".

Juliette Powell's author of, 33 Million People in the Room about how to create, influence and run a Successful Business with Social Networking. Ms. Powell states, "Just being online isn’t enough. You need to get out there and start building bridges with professional organizations, industry organizations, minority-run organizations, woman’s organizations, tech meet-ups, innovation meet-ups, emerging market meet-ups etc. Then follow up with all new contacts via social networks. It is the easiest way to keep your new contacts abreast of your new developments, without having to constantly pester them with newsletters and emails. The more connected you are and are perceived to be, the more visibility you have, that’s a given."

Give people a reason to talk about you in a positive way that also matches your brand. Personal branding serves as career protection in uncertain times. It's also a critical tool for reinventing yourself because you can leverage your reputation by showing the skill set you have. The slide show Brand or Be Brand is an excellent presentation of what lays ahead for us 2010.

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