Sunday, February 28, 2010

Barbara Segal An Entrepreneur Since 1995

What a great month February was for Barbara Segal and Associates. As the owner of Barbara Segal and Associates I have always been action-oriented, curious, outgoing, and technically gifted.  I live for new experiences. I have always been drawn to risk-taking and am not afraid to fail.  At the age of 3, I went door to door selling Dandelions in Allentown, PA to the neighbors for a quarter. Even then, I was determined to carry out my idea of making money, by climbing out of the families white picked fenced back yard in my little sun-suit. Today, not much has changed.  I am generally restless, and have always chosen a field that offers constant novelty. If you had to name my favorite place, it might be the center of attention as I am a born entertainer, and can easily adapt to any audience.

As a leader, I am often ahead of my time. As an employee, I am incisive and curious, and driven to deeply understand how things work. Last year I worked part time at two large Retailers as I deeply wanted to understand how Big Box retailers think and I needed health insurance.  I also also worked  tirelessly to make sure the Costume Council at LACMA accomplishments were recognized in Public Relations by Volunteering.  All week I worked with my savvy clients at Barbara Segal and Associates clients.  The combination of all the above fueled me and my business.    

Yes, I came out of the womb an original, artistic and I know it. I am drawn to the arts, anything creative, for that matter—and I have a unique way of looking at the world. As long as I genuinely express myself, I feel like the person I was meant to be. In the advertising and public relations field executives must be highly imaginative. Beyond work, I find opportunities everywhere I look to coax out my inner artist:  I love Interior Design, creating innovative blogs, cooking, entertaining, and gardening.  And my relationships with people are another avenue for self-expression.

One thing I know for sure is some people lead and others follow. This month I attended a business cocktail party, on a Trumpy Yacht for a Yachting Magazine's Soiree at The Miami International Boat Show. While mingling, I got into a conversation about Social Media and Twitter. The best way to give you the headlines on the conversation is, "they did not get Twitter nor did they WANT to get it."  However thanks to my worldly travels, summers in Newport,  past clients in the Yachting Industry, Publishing background, and former main street Annapolis, MD business owner.  Valuable business connections were made.  Yes, I can walk and talk the talk thanks to all my life experiences. The resistance to Social Media reminds me of when I worked in technology in the 80's, when Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were just getting started. This week my friend and Author, Julie Spira put on her Facebook that her Mother did not understand her being a presenter at the 140 conference in New York City that is taking place this April.  Her Social Media outreach, I personally found this so humorous and refreshing.  I had just experienced working around "the Good Old Boys Club" in Miami at Super Bowl events and then the Miami International Boat Show.  As a business women I realize, "the world needs followers." 

I love Twitter for business and the new relationships that can be found and formed. This month Susan Blond one of the most powerful forces in media who revolutionize the business by doing business the way an artist makes art.   Susan a New York publicist and the owner of entertainment and lifestyle publicity agency and I had Net Etiquette interest in common. She twittered @netetiquette to watch her YouTube Blond Tip:When the check comes. I loved it and twittered back and we became followers. I then discovered, the famous Red Carpet photographer Patrick McMullan I had worked with at LACMA and Susan are friends. Although no face to face has happened, Susan is a mentor to anyone in Public Relations and this new Twitter connection with someone I may have never connect with has fueled my drive! I know life has meaning as long as you feel stimulated. That might mean spending time on Twitter, reading new books, attending workshops, and taking a flight to business opportunities like trade shows or conferences. As a leader you discover who you are meant to be through accumulating insight and knowledge.  You follow your curiosity.   

Tech Crunch asked the question today Can Entrepreneurs Be Made?  Entrepreneurship is about being persistent, stubborn and not afraid of failure.  With every Tom, Dick, and Sally claiming to be a Social Media Expert and Public Relations Expert and the unemployment rate near 26-year highs, the focus right now is on jobs.  Since 1995, I have been a small business owner.  Right now I am a supporter of Move Your Money as our Government has done nothing to help Small Business Owners. As a risk-lover with a lot of energy, I am a natural entrepreneur.  I am happiest if I change jobs every so often and travel extensively. Movement is what keeps me going. Obviously I give thanks for my knack of diplomacy, family history, and abundant charisma, that often inspire others! 

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